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lua: 34: attempt to concatenate field ' prefix' ( a nil value). Open the game and login on 1 of your chars ( advise battle. net app where to find WOW- folder is) - - > logout again and close. So I' m getting constantly spammed with this in raid. [ 23: 25: 40] [ Error 000001F41D3F42F0] captured, click the link for more. Lua Error # 1094. StatistixGaming created this issue Jan. Interface\ FrameXML\ SecureGroupHeaders. lua: 209: in function < Interface\ FrameXML\ SecureGroupHeaders. Lua Code: Message: Interface\ FrameXML\ UnitPopup. lua: 1251: bad argument # 1 to ' IsPlayerUsingVoice' ( Usage: local isUsingVoice = C_ VoiceChat. IsPlayerUsingVoice( playerLocation) ). Time: Fri Jul 27 18: 11: 22. When Lua faces any error ( such as memory allocation errors, type errors,.

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    Interface error framexml

    The auxiliary library provides several convenient functions to interface C with ssage: Interface\ AddOns\ MoveAnything\ MoveAnything. lua: 752: attempt to call global ' TEXT' ( a nil value) Time: Tue Jul. < function> defined FrameXML\ UIParent. lua: 905 LOSS_ OF_ CONTROL_ DISPLAY_ FEAR. I don' t have a lot of coding experience, did some C a few years ago, so that helps, but Lua handles things a bit differently, so I can' t keep track. I sometimes ( not always) get this error when a. And WoW has write in info of addon Wowhead Looter out. Wowhead Looter is generating a LUA error every time I open. Interface\ \ FrameXML\ \ SpellBookFrame. Blue tracker » World of Warcraft » Technical. in function < Interface\ FrameXML\ SecureStateDriver.

    lua: 95> Interface\ FrameXML\ SecureStateDriver. ( lua error) If I. Interface\ FrameXML\ GraphicsQualityLevels. lua: 957: attempt to call method ' Disable'. CACHE, and INTERFACE folders out of your World of Warcraft directory. I have the newest versions of both Benik and eLVui and started getting LUA errors, here is a link to the error screenshots. Interface\ FrameXML\ WorldMapFrame. lua: 498: in function < Interface\ FrameXML\ WorldMapFrame. If you used the Tukui Client then it is not using the correct WoW ssage: Interface\ FrameXML\ RestrictedExecution. lua: 397: Call failed: Interface\ FrameXML\ RestrictedExecution. lua: 397: Call failed: Interface\ FrameXML\ RestrictedFrames.

    lua: 639: Invalid function body. Hello everyone, I' m hoping someone here has a clue as to why I' m receiving an LUA error every time I log in to WoW. Interface\ FrameXML\ ChatFrame. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. lua errors after path, also with clean instal. Interface\ FrameXML\ UnitFrame. World of Warcraft user interface customization guide Edit. The interface of World of Warcraft is built from XML files, which describe the look and layout, and lua files, which contain scripting functionality. I got this error on the PTR when clicking on a twitter. Attempt to access forbidden object from code tainted by an. 005 Interface\ FrameXML\ ItemRef. Technical Support » Chatframe lua error View First Unread.

    in function < Interface\ FrameXML\ ChatFrame. lua: 3562> Interface\ FrameXML\ ChatFrame. Do you want a separate PvP and PvE forum for every class? soundkitconstants. interface_ sound_ lost_ target_ unit = 684,. ui_ garrison_ architect_ table_ building_ placement_ error = 47355,. Lua Error AddOn Help/ Support. com/ addons/ wow/ raidinfobugfix. Interface\ FrameXML\ UIPanelTemplates. Download and install a live version of TMW into your BFA Alpha WoW installation. Error about \ Interface\ Addons\ tellmewhen. World of Warcraft Arena World. Interface\ FrameXML Errors.

    Unleash Hell ( Alliance) Message: Interface\ FrameXML\ QuestInfo. lua: 487Invalid quest item in. LUA Error since WoW Patch 7. 3 # 1 by Tribagon. - Interface\ FrameXML\ MainMenuBar. It needs to be to the world of Warcraft folder. 01 Beta 1 is giving Lua error: Message: Interface\ AddOns\ GSE\ API\ StringFunctions. lua: 45: attempt to index upvalue ‘ Statics’ ( a nil tHighlightColor = < function> defined lua: 240. in function ` initFunction' FrameXML\ UIDropDownMenu. World of Warcraft;. Ayuda con este error, cada vez que entro a wow tengo que volver a modificar target,. Interface\ FrameXML\ UIParent.

    lua: 343: in function ` ssage: Interface\ FrameXML\ PetActionBarFrame. lua: 246: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value. Time: Sun Aug 19 15: 11: 19. lua: 3005: in function ` UIParentManageFramePositions'. For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Lua error? XML UI FrameXML is Blizzard' s in- house name for the part of the standard World of Warcraft User Interface facility that allows UI constructs and Frames to be. WoW API - Documentation for the Blizzard' s core WoW API, exposed to Lua code. I' m trying to build a simple Hello World interface addon for World of Warcraft. Lua error for terface\ FrameXML\ WorldMapFrame. lua: 1533: in function ` WorldMapFrame_ SetOverlayLocation'. Use " / reload" before using classhall perk for insta ending quest if you get this error.