Datatable read xml schema inference error

ReadXmlメソッドは、 XML ストリームまたは ドキュメントと読み込みの内容を読み取り、 DataSetデータを使用します。. 0 happily reads an XML file into a DataSet, but throws an error when asked to read it into a DataTable, in spite of the ReadXml( ). The error message: " DataTable does not support schema inference from Xml. You could try the below using a dataset. DataSet ds = new DataSet( ) ; ds. ReadXml( " testfile. xml" ) ; DataTable dt = ds. Tables[ " dtSysStat" ] ; return dt. Rows[ 0] [ " ST" ]. Alt solution ( adding ReadXmlSchema) : dtSysStatTemp. Your schema and data do not represent a single table and are not in a format that is recognized by. net Data objects such as DataSet and DataTable.

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    Error inference read

    Your best bet is to design a dataset in the designer and then call dataset. Try using a Dataset rather DataSet ds = new DataSet( ) ; ds. xml" ) ; MessageBox. Rows[ 0] [ " ID" ]. ReadXml( filename) throws an error. The ReadXml method provides a way to read either data only, or both data and schema into a DataTable from an XML document,. If the schema cannot be extended through inference in order to expose all data, an exception is raised. ReadXmlSchemaの読み込みまたは推論することができますデータセットXML スキーマ 定義言語 ( XSD) スキーマ、 または. ReadXmlSchemaで読み込みまたは推論の スキーマのみ、 データセット、 ReadXmlのメソッド、 データセット読み込ま. This error throws when the datatable does not have any columns defined matching the XML FILE. To fix this, Create the DataTable with the columns matching the XML FILE.

    The easy way is to read the XML file into DataSet.