Win32 error 8440 0x20f8

I get an error in event log: The DNS server was unable to open Active Directory I read one post that mentioned the. SyncAll exited with fatal Win32 error: x20f8) : The naming context. local へのアクセス中にエラーが発生しました ( ネットワーク エラー) : x: 対象のプリンシパル名が間違っています。 致命的な Win32 エラーが発生したため、 SyncAll は終了しました: x20f8) : この. 「 TIPS: Win32 APIやDLL関数を呼び出すには? 」 では. NETプログラムからのWin32 APIの呼び出し方について説明しているが、 その呼び出し内部で何らかのエラーが発生 した際には、 そのエラーに関する情報はどうやって取得すればよいの. The System Error Codes are very broad. The following list describes system error codes for errors 8200 to 8999. They are returned by the GetLastError function when many. The naming context specified. Few days back the ADC got power failure and after that long it thrown an error of some services are not started. The replication generated an error:.

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    SyncAll exited with fatal Win32 error: x20f8) :. Troubleshooting AD Replication error 8452: " The naming context is in the process of being removed or is not. DCDIAG reports that Active Directory Replications test has failed with error status code: " The naming. WARNING: KCC could not add this REPLICA LINK due to error. resultx6ba) : The RPC server is unavailable. SyncAll exited with fatal Win32 error: x20f8) : The naming context specified for this replication. CALLBACK MESSAGE: Error contacting server a5904e4b- dff2- 4b75- ba48d84e. local ( network error) : 5 ( 0x5) : Access is denied. namespace ConsoleApp1 { class Program { static void Main( ) { const int hr = unchecked( ( int) 0x8007007a) ; var facility = Utility. GetHRFacility( hr) ; var win32errcode = Utility. GetWin32ErrorCodeFromHR( hr) ; } } public static.