How to handle mysql error in php

When creating large applications it' s quite handy to create a custom function for handling queries. php $ con= mysqli_ connect( " localhost", " my_ user", " my_ password", " my_ db" ) ; / / Check connection if ( mysqli_ connect_ errno( ) ) { echo " Failed to connect to MySQL : ". mysqli_ connect_ error( ) ; } / / Perform a query, check for error. それ以外の SQL 文 INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP などでは、 mysql_ query( ) は成功した場合に TRUE 、 エラー時に FALSE を. Keep in mind when dealing with PHP & MySQL that sending a null- terminated string to a MySQL query can rmally you want to log these errors in a live enviroment ( meaning, you write the error message and some further infromation like time, ip,. to a file) On the userside you should also provide the User some feedback, so print. How about: function customDie( $ location) { header( ' Location: '. $ location) ; exit( ) ; } mysql_ query( $ sql) or customDie( " / error" ) ;. To check for this specific error, you need to find the error code. With mysql_ error( ) function net/ manual/ en/ function.

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    Mysql handle error

    try this code to handle duplicate entries and show echo message:. Don' t you find it quite odd to write database connection errors. I see also no point in having custom displayError( ) function. It should be generic _ 503( ) function, sending corresponding header along e this: mysqli_ query( $ this- > db_ link, $ query) or die( mysqli_ error( $ this- > db_ link ) ) ; # mysqli_ query( $ link, $ query) returns 0 if there' s an error. # mysqli_ error( $ link) returns a string with the last error message. You can also use. When using PHP and MySQL together, you will likely run into a situation where you' ve made some sort of error in your. By default, PHP will not show you exactly what the problem is, only that you wrote a query which is not entirely correct. Very frustrating as I wanted to also catch the sql error and print out the stack trace.